Medical Billing

    Our Mission

    From the very start back in 1998 our mission was to not only bill and obtain
    reimbursement for non-MD first assistants (i.e. RNFAs, CRNFAs, NPs, PAs, CSFAs, SA-
    Cs etc.), but to continue to improve the methods used.

    We also welcome questions regarding reimbursement via email and the telephone. We
    also invite you to look at our facebook page and linkin group where we answer questions
    and post news worthy information about first assisting and health care.

    True to our mission: We use cutting edge software designed for NIFA Medical Billing
    rather than MD practices, their software leans more toward scheduling and patient billing.
    Our software was specifically designed to submit claims electronically, track your claims
    affectively, and follow-up claims more efficiently. We have many satisfied customers in
    over 30 states and growing. We are not a home-based billing company. We maintain a
    business location with office equipment, We submit our clients claims electronically
    because it is quicker and more efficient. All of our clients data is backed up and
    encrypted at an off-site data center.  Home-base billing companies may not be HIPAA
    compliant, because no member or friend of the household can have access or view any
    of the patients private information.

    Keeping focused and committed to this mission of being the best at what we do and
    helping others attain their goals has been the driving force behind our becoming the
    nations largest exclusively non-MD billing company in the country.

    What to look for when choosing a billing company:

  1. Do they bill exclusively for non-MD first assistants?
  2. Ask for testimonials and referrals.
  3. How do they back up your data?
  4. Are they HIPAA compliant?
  5. Is It a home based business or are they established & successful enough to maintain an
    office with employees.
  6. If they are a home-based business, the office and patient information can't be accessible
    or viewable to other members of the family or friends.
  7. Are they billing in your State?
  8. How long have they been billing for non-MD first assistants?

    Call us toll free at 888-322-6432 ext. 202

    Click her for information request