Medical Billing
  • I completed my RNFA Program with the National Institute of First
    Assisting about 5 years ago.  Since then my yearly salary has
    increased every year and my practice continues to grow. I am extremely
    satisfied with NIFA medical billing’s service.  Denise is my account
    manager; she has been so helpful and patient through out this
    process.  There were times when I struggled and wanted to quit, but
    she would always give me encouragement.  All this hard work is finally
    paying off I’m receiving reimbursement checks on a regular basis.  So if
    you want a billing company that gets results, personal attention, as well
    as professional I recommend NIFA Medical Billing. –  Jean Tomic, RNFA
    – NY

  • I chose NIFA Medical Billing as my billing company in 2001.  I have
    found everyone I have work with to be professional, helpful, and
    friendly.  I am currently a LSA in Texas and NIFA stayed informed and
    current on all legislation changes that affected the CST/CFA.  I trust
    NIFA to work for me and get the highest reimbursement possible.—
    Tammy Lawrence, LSA – Texas

  • “I have used NIFA Medical Billing for five years now and their expertise
    in the field of reimbursements for non-physician surgical assistants is
    unparalleled.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable in state workmen’s
    compensation laws, as well as PPO and HMO billing.  You work with the
    same account managers on all your claims, and contacting them with
    questions is just an email or phone call away.

    Have you been denied a claim?  They will appeal for you.  Late
    turnaround with reimbursements a problem with your current billing
    company?  They will follow-up with tracers to find your money.  Is your
    current billing company charging you per claim submitted?  NIFA
    Medical Billing charges you only when you receive a reimbursement.

    Thank you NIFA Medical billing for making my career choice as a
    surgical first assistant financially rewarding.” – Melissa Wallace, CFA –

  • I am an Orthopedic Physicians Assistant and have been with NIFA
    Medical Billing for approximately five years.  My experience has been
    very rewarding personally and financially.  You know that their goal is to
    make sure you receive what you are worth professionally.  NIFA also
    focuses on their extreme knowledge and expertise in handling the
    insurance personal that they have to deal with as well as an occasional
    patient contact.  

    My responsibility is to provide them with all the information needed to
    achieve the maximum compensation.  I am extremely pleased with NIFA
    Medical Billing and would highly recommend them. –  Rhonda Mayne,
    OPA-C – Wisconsin  

  • Where should I begin?  NIFA Medical Billing has been doing my billing
    since 1998. Obviously I am happy with their service.  Let me tell you
    why.  I have a full time job at a hospital and bill for my assisting on a
    part-time basis.  With the money I have received over these years from
    reimbursement for my part-time assisting has afforded me the
    opportunity to put my two daughters through college, vacation in Italy
    twice, buy my daughter a new car, and buy a brand new Sebring
    convertible for myself, both cars are paid off.  I have been able to afford
    all of the above by doing an average of 33 cases per year assisting on
    Plastic cases such as Breast Reduction, Reconstruction, and Tran
    Flaps.  I have a great part-time job!  If you need a billing company I
    recommend NIFA Medical Billing – Karen Baker, CRNFA – Texas

  • I have used NIFA Medical Billing for 11 years now, and I can not say
    enough wonderful things about their business, service, and staff.  
    Melissa Elkin, is my account manager and she is absolutely the best!  
    She has fought for me through appeals, letters, and phone calls with a
    very high success rate of winning the appeal.  She keeps me up to date
    on all of my cases and emails me with the results of appeals.  I have
    been able to call and talk to HER, not some machine or stranger.  If she
    is not available, I leave a voicemail and she returns my call within 24
    hours, if not sooner.  The ease and professionalism of NIFA Medical
    Billing is top notch.  I am even able to call Gary Hargreaves, The
    President and Director, and speak to him personally.  Everyone at Nifa
    Medical Billing is friendly, helpful, and professional.  They work very
    hard to see that I get the best reimbursement possible.  I would
    recommend them highly to anyone who wants a successful and high
    percentage rate of reimbursement.  Try them, and you will find that
    there is no other biller like them.  I wouldn't have stayed with them for
    11 years and counting if they weren't working so hard for me!  They
    truly treat me like family!  It doesn't get much better than that! -- Donna
    Howerton, CRNFA, Illionios

  • NIFA Medical Billing has put me in a position to double my income.  
    There success is something I would never have been able to do on my
    own.  It’s easy too,  all I have to do is fill out a simple form for each
    patient and mail or fax it to NIFA Medical Billing, they do the rest.  I
    would recommend anyone interested in getting reimburst to give NIFA
    Medical Billing  a call. – Cole Staten, CST/CFA, Ohio

  • "I have been with NIFA Medical Billing since 1999 when I sent my first
    claim to them. Since then my independent RNFA business has gotten
    busier every year. They are a very professional and organized billing
    company.  Claims that I thought were denied have been reimbursed
    due to their persistence with the insurance companies.  I highly
    recommend their services. – Nancy Brown, CRNFA;  Maryland

  • I have been utilizing NIFA Medical Billing for all my RNFA billing since
    January 2008 and I couldn’t be any more satisfied.  I have found the
    billing to be timely and accurate.  I have particularly enjoyed working
    with my account manager, Denise, who is not only a wealth of
    knowledge but has consistent follow through with me, patients and
    especially the insurance companies.  I would not trade NIFA Billing for
    all the tea in China! – Beatriz Orviz, NP, RNFA; California

  • Just a note to say thanks you for all you have done all year long.  I think
    we have a great system in place at this time.  I know you work very hard
    on my claims and appeals.  I can tell by the reimbursement checks I
    receive.  I know there are other companies out there but I like the way
    NIFA is always striving to stay current, like accepting electronic
    payments, letting patients pay by credit card, continually upgrading
    your computer software, and I am sure other things that I’m not even
    aware of.  NIFA in general, and you in particular, have done VERY well
    by me over the past 10 years!  Kathleen Diedalis, CFA; Ohio