Medical Billing
CSFA's, CSA's, LSA's

    Medical billing for Surgical Assistant (CSFAs, CSAs, SA-Cs and LSA's) is much
    more difficult than billing for an MD.  Legislation varies from state to state.  
    Individual insurance companies vary in how they deal with Surgical Assistants from
    state to state.  For these reasons as well as many others, you will need someone
    that is experience, knowledgeable, and qualified to do your medical billing, if you
    are going to be successful in obtaining reimbursement.

    Why should NIFA do your medical Billing?

    NIFA Medical Billing has billed for Surgical Assistants since 1997.  We bill
    exclusively for non-MD first assistants in over 30 states.

  • NIFA Medical Billing is not a home based billing service.  This is important because
    of HIPAA regulations.  
  • We maintain and operated a professional office with equipment and workstations.  
  • We use cutting edge software, designed to bill  and follow-up on your claims more
    efficiently than software designed for doctors offices which are designed to
    schedule and bill patients.  
  • We submit claims electronically.
  • All of your claims are backed up and encrypted off sight for maximum protection.  
  • Full time software programmers keep our software up to date with the latest health
    care changes now and in the future on a weekly bases not annually.  
  • Last but most importantly is our employees they are all experienced in the nuances
    of billing for non-MD's first assistants, regardless of what state you live in.  All
    clients are assigned a friendly account manager that is familiar with legislation and
    insurances in the state you live in.
  • We guarantee results! If you don't get reimbursed our work is free of charge --
We get results because: "If you don't get paid neither do we".
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"Benefits Of Using NIFA Medical Billing"
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