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Surgical Nurse Practitioners
    NP's in Demand

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS),
    Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) with first assisting skills are in demand and this
    demand will continue for many years.  The reason is, that the largest segment of
    our population the "baby boomers" started to qualify for Medicare benefits January
    of 2011, 10,000 "baby boomers" a day will turn 65 years old and qualifying for
    Medicare, this will continue for the next 19 years.  Meaning for the next several
    years we will see a huge increase in the caseload percentage of Medicare
    patients.  Why is this significant?  Because the majority of those first assisting now
    are RNFA's, CFA's they cannot bill Medicare.  This is important because money
    that is available from Medicare for first assisting is not being billed for by those type
    of providersl.


    One opportunity for surgical Nurse Practitioners (NPs) is to go independent, free
    lance as it were.  This can be done either part-time or on a full-time basis.  This
    option is for those with an entrepreneurial aptitude.  This choice is not a job, but a
    profession, a business that requires long hours extra effort, because you not only
    have the first assisting responsibilities to fulfill, but a business side to run.  For
    those that have the aptitude, circumstances, and desire, the rewards are: a sense
    of accomplishment that only self-employment can bring, set your own work
    schedule with as much or as little work as you desire, and the opportunity to make
    more money than working as an employee.

    A second opportunity is to work for a group practice. The demand for surgical
    Nurse Practitioner (NPs) is going to continue to increase. The main reason is with
    the growing number of "Baby Boomers" reaching Medicare age, Surgeons will be
    looking for experienced Surgical Nurse Practitioners (NPs) because they can bill
    Medicare, Group practices will want to hire Nurse Practitioners (NPs) because they
    will generate revenue for the practice. This will be paramount in the ever changing
    landscape of health care.

NIFA Medical Billing has billed for NPs, RNFAs and CRNFAs since 1997.  We bill in
over 25 states exclusively for non-MD first assistants.   

  • NIFA Medical Billing is not a home based billing service.  This is important
    because of HIPAA regulations.  .  
  • We use cutting edge software, designed for billing companies rather than
    surgeon's practice. Our software scrub & edit claims clean before submitting
    them. It is also designed to follow-up on your claims more efficiently.
    Indicating when a claim is past-due and needs attention, like a physical
    phone call to the insurance company.   
  • We submit claims electronically.
  • All of your claims are backed up and encrypted off sight for maximum
    protection and security.  
  • Full time software programmers keep our software up to date with the latest
    health care changes now and in the future on a weekly bases not annually.
    So we are always on the cutting edge  
  • Last but most important our employees, they are all experienced in the
    nuances of billing for NPs, RNFAs and CRNFAs regardless of what state you
    live in.  All clients are assigned a friendly account manager that is familiar
    with legislation and insurances in the state you live in.
  • Our No-Charge Policy! If we don't get you reimbursement on a claim
    our work is at no charge -- period!

    We get results because: "If you don't get paid neither do we". For more
    information click on the link below or call us toll free.

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